Support for institutions at risk of early school leaving

The aim of the project was to contribute to one of the main objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy in Hungary: reducing the number of early school leavers and inequalities in education and improving access to quality education. Complex development was carried out in the kindergartens, primary and secondary schools involved in the project, through specific institutional programmes. Indirect as well as targeted support was provided to pupils at risk of leaving school without qualifications, improving the conditions for success at school and in the labour market. The Education Authority’s pedagogical and methodological services were improved in order to support a more inclusive organisation of education. The project contributed to the inclusive education of over 150 thousand pupils and 12 thousand kindergarteners in a total of 457 institutions. This included 12 kindergartens, 27 primary schools and 3 grammar schools in Hajdú-Bihar County, where more than 120 teachers and about 3000 young children, pupils and family members participated in family days, in the #sulim (my school)creative competition and in the #Kalandrafel! (up for adventure!) programme.


Project title: Support for institutions at risk of early school leaving

Beneficiary: National Educational Authority

Total project cost: HUF 11.625.226.800

EU co-funding: HUF 9.881.442.780 (European Social Fund)