How long can I cancel my registration?

You can cancel your registration or transfer it to another runner until 5pm on 6 May 2024.

Will there be a bag storage facility?

There will be a cloakroom free of charge, but we will not provide safekeeping of the personal belongings. Bags bigger than a sports bag cannot be dropped off.

Where can I change?

There will be changing tents set up in the race headquarters.

Will I receive a T-shirt?

Yes, every registered competitor will receive a unique printed cotton T-shirt. We will hand over the T-shirts to the registered competitors when handing out the race numbers.

Will there be enough toilets at the start/finish?

We will do our best to provide sufficient toilet facilities, but it is more than likely that you will have to queue up for them. Thanks in advance for your patience.

Can I run with my dog?

For your own safety and for the safety of the other runners and your furry friend, running with dogs is not permitted.

Can I listen to music during the run?

Yes, but with an earphone in one ear only. For your own safety it is important that you hear the instructions of the race marshals and the police.

Can my friend run or cycle with me in the race without prior registration?

No, this is prohibited due to the safety of the competitors.

Will the race be held even if it rains?

Yes, the race will be held rain or shine.

Why is the EU run scheduled for this particular date?

Europe Day is celebrated all over Europe on 9 May, the anniversary of the historical Schuman declaration. This is the day on which European peace and unity are celebrated. The race takes place just three days after Europe Day!

Is there a race time limit?

The organizing committee sets a time limit for the entire competition (3 laps = 20 k) and for completing 2 laps (13,3 k)
Individual participants and relay teams must not start the third lap if they don’t finish the first two laps in 1 hour and 45 minutes.
The time limit for 20 k is 2 hours and 40 minutes. Participants who exceed the time limit may not be eligible for finishing medal and refreshment package.
A cyclist will go behind the racers at the speed of the minimum time limit (7,5 km/h) to help the participants choosing the right pace.

Will there be a full road closure in place?

The route of the run will be secured by the police, civil guards and the organisers. The route of the race will not be fully closed to traffic, therefore each runner must keep to the designated route at all times.

Can participants run with a buggy or pushchair?

Yes, runners can take part in the race with a buggy or pushchair, under the sole responsibility of the runner. The organisers cannot be held liable in any way.

Will the route be accessible for people with disabilities?


What is the minimum age for registration at the race?

All participants in the individual race must be born before 12th May 2011 (thirteen years or older) while in the relay race before 12th May 2016 (eight years or older).

When and where can I collect the race number and the relay baton? When will I receive the T-shirt?

Race packs can be collected most easily during the days before the event at Európa Pont (35 Lövőház Street, 1024 Budapest), where they can be picked up between 11am and 7pm between 7-10 May. Although the race number, the relay baton and the T-shirt can also be collected at the race venue (Szabadság Square) between 7 and 9am on Sunday, 12 May, we strongly suggest that all competitors should do so before the race day. We will do our utmost to ensure that the queue moves fast at the race venue, but if many participants leave the picking-up of their race number to the morning of the race day, some waiting will be inevitable, unfortunately. The registration confirmation email and the race notice will both describe how the race number can be collected. Please note that it is not possible to collect race numbers outside of these periods.

Can I participate at the race both as a solo runner and as a relay team member?

Yes. The first members of the relay teams are allowed to continue running after passing off the baton and complete the second and third lap. Their results will be evaluated among the solo runners, as well.

Are the relay teams of 2 and 3 members going to be awarded in separate categories?

There are no separate categories for relay teams of 2 and 3 members. Each team is going to be evaluated in one category. Within the relays, the women’s, men’s and mixed categories will be awarded separately, regardless of the number of members of the team.

Are you going to take pictures during the race? Where can I find them?

>As in previous years, professional photographers will take photos along the route of the run. Pictures can be downloaded after the run free of charge from futofoto.hu and from Európa Pont’s Flickr account.

What prizes will be raffled off? When and where will the raffle take place?

All successful finishers taking part in the raffle have the chance to win the following items: 5 smart watches, 10 backpacks. The raffle will take place after the race has been finished. You can take part on a raffle with the perforated part of your race number.

Will there be a guarded bike storage facility during the race?

No, unfortunately there will be no guarded bike storage facility during the race.

After a successful registration, can I change my registration from the individual category to relay category or vice versa?

Yes, no problem at all! In case you changed your mind, you can register to the category you would like to participate in the ENTRY / CANCELLATION menu. At the same time, please think about your fellow runners and cancel your previous registration.

Is it possible to participate with a team of two instead of three in the relay category?

Yes, a relay team can consist of two members, but the relay zones are fixed along the 3×6.7 k route. In this case, one member of the relay has to complete two laps, i.e. 13.4 k, and the other member of the relay one lap, i.e. 6.7 k.