EU funded projects

In 2024, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hungary becoming a member of the European Union.

As members of the EU, Hungarians have greatly benefited from the strength of a community that offers support and opportunities bringing significant improvements to our lives.

In particular, with the support of the EU, since 20 years, Hungary has implemented tens of thousands of successful projects across the country. These projects contribute to the growth of the economy and the improvement of living conditions, help nurture our talents, provide support to those in need, reinforce our local communities, help protect our natural and cultural values while preparing us for the future challenges, and bring us closer to each other and to other Europeans.

For this reason, along the route 20 emblematic achievements of the past 20 years will be illustrated with EU funded projects, one from each of the 19 counties and one from the capital. Soon you can discover them more in detail here.