Food and mental health services for homeless people

The project implemented by the Public Foundation for the Homeless has helped more than 4000 homeless people across the country to get healthy, warm meals every day. Social workers reached out to those in need on the streets, at day care centres, at night shelters and at temporary shelters. The project also offered an opportunity to lay down the groundwork to allow the homeless people to break out of their situation. Clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and mental health professionals provided assistance on more than 10 000 occasions in individual and group counselling sessions to address mental and addiction problems. Thanks to the homeless care institutions participating in the project, it was possible to reach homeless people who had previously not been taken in charge or were at risk of developing illnesses, and they were provided mental health screening and assistance with appropriate treatment.


Project title: Provision of support to people living rough RSZTOP-3.1.1

Beneficiary: Public Foundation for the Homeless

Total project cost: HUF 5.566.739.910

EU co-funding: HUF 4.731.728.922 (Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived)