Modernisation of a fish farm in the Tokaj district

The family business, founded in 2005, has been active in freshwater fish farming for almost 20 years. Their two sites are located on both sides of the Tisza river, with more than 90 hectares of fish ponds. The project supported the development of technology and infrastructure in order to modernise the company’s extensive lake farming. The investment involved the purchase of almost 30 machines and other equipment for fish farming. The company also built a fish processing plant and nearly 600 metres of access road. The investment improved the company’s competitiveness and reduced the unit cost of production. The project has helped to promote fish consumption, which is also important for public health, and to increase the competitiveness of domestic fish production and processing.


Project title: Modernisation of lake aquaculture systems at “DÉL-SZABOLCSI” Bt.

Beneficiary: “DÉL-SZABOLCSI ”Service Provider and Commercial Limited Partnership

Total project cost: HUF 50.966.633

EU co-funding: HUF 18.737.498 (European Maritime and Fisheries Fund)