Support for the development of livestock farms

The livestock sector faces a major challenge in modernising farms with outdated facilities, old technology and high production costs. A solution to this was offered by the tender opportunity for the development of livestock farms, focusing on improving competitiveness, disseminating innovative, environmentally friendly technologies, strengthening young farmers’ holdings and increasing employment, offered a solution. Körmendi Agrár Kft., a cattle breeding company, also took advantage of the opportunities offered by the tender and was able to make significant improvements with EU funding. The investment included the construction of a 386-seat, 4,740.52 m2 milking parlour with a milking robot, using renewable energy and complex housing and milking technology.  The state-of-the-art equipment has brought the rearing and milking technology to a new level, allowing for more efficient production and more sustainable operation. Thanks to the grants, a firewater reservoir and silo area were built, a solar panel system was installed and lighting was upgraded.


Project title: Support for the development of livestock farms

Beneficiary: Körmendi Agricultural Limited Liability Company

Total project cost: HUF 1.384.490.666

EU co-funding: HUF 1.175.763.316 (EMVA)