Community development in Mór – development of a multifunctional recreational community space

The Wekerle Sándor Leisure Centre in Mór is a venue for many sports and cultural events. Taking into account environmental and sustainability aspects, a multifunctional space has been developed where everyone can find recreation opportunities that suit their interests. As part of the investment, a BMX and roller skating track was built, further increasing the number of sports opportunities. The centre wants to offer young people attractive opportunities, so that they spend their free time in the city. Its operation also contributes to the objectives set out in the Integrated Urban Development Strategy, the Local Community Development Strategy, the Integrated Strategies and the Local Equal Opportunities Programme of the City of Mór.


Project title: Construction of the Sándor Wekerle Leisure Centre BMX and Roller Skating Park

Beneficiary: Municipality of Mór

Total project cost: HUF 30.562.169

EU co-funding: HUF 29.034.056 (European Regional Development Fund)