Online management of personal administrative procedures

Thanks to the e-notification service, there is no queuing anymore for administrative procedures, saving time and money not only for customers but also for public authorities and utility companies. The one-stop-shop service makes the administrative procedures related to public utilities faster and easier, as it is no longer necessary to contact all service providers separately, it is possible to report administrative changes related to public utilities in a single step online. More than 180 water, electricity, gas and district heating companies and telecommunication companies have already signed up for the service, which is planned to include banks and insurance companies as well. Thanks to digital developments related to electronic administration, there’s been a significant increase in the number of issues that can be managed online on the portal. In order to enable all citizens to access the e-administration services, it was necessary to improve broadband internet access. With EU support, the broadband internet network has been further developed, providing access also in areas where this could not have been achieved by private market actors.


Project title: Introduction of a data change management service

Beneficiary: Prime Minister’s Office

Total project cost: HUF 1.870.000.000

EU co-funding: PADOP-1 – 1 285 772 643 HUF (European Social Fund)

EU co-funding: CCHOP-9 – 178 663 116 HUF (European Social Fund)