Construction of firefighter barracks in Kecskemét

A total of 160 people are employed in the new disaster management complex of Kecskemét. The location of the nearly 5 300 sq m modern building has been chosen in such a way that firefighters can reach crisis areas as soon as possible, with minimum traffic. Eco-design was an important aspect of the development: solar panels and modern geothermal cooling and heating systems make the operation of the building sustainable and economical. Thanks to the investment, the firefighters of Kecskemét are now accommodated in Hungary’s largest and most modern firefighter barracks, allowing them to ensure the safety of not only the inhabitants of Kecskemét, but also some 212 thousand people living in the county’s fifteen municipalities.


Project title: Development of firefighter barracks – Kecskemét fire brigade

Beneficiary: Ministry of Interior, National Directorate for Disaster Management

Total project cost: HUF 5.686.524.955

EU co-funding: HUF 4.833.546.206 (Cohesion Fund)